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Teach Your Child How to Recognize Numbers

The first relationship to mathematics children have begins with the understanding and recognition of numbers. Some children begin to recognize numbers on a preschool level and are able to count to and recognize the numbers 1-20. In addition to children learning to recognize numbers, a great benefit would come to those children who also learn to count.

The kindergarten preparedness tests expect children to have the basic recognition knowledge of numbers 1-20, the sequence awareness of counting to 10 and the understanding of the relationship numbers have to math. No matter how much experience your child has with numbers there are great tips to help you give your child a quick and effective understanding of the basic math concepts. We’ll break down easy steps to aid in your effort to teach your children how to recognize numbers 1-20 for their growth and future success.

When children start early with their understanding of math facts they will have a more comprehensible ability to complete the additional concepts the teachers in each grade level present. It is like a stair step of information they must understand and recognize numbers to learn to count, to learn to add, to learn to subtract, to learn to multiply, etc. This basic math concept amazingly starts at recognizing numbers and flows directly into High school algebra, if you miss a concept in any grade level you will struggle to keep up.

Allow young children to be a part of simple daily tasks, such as having them dial the telephone numbers for you when you are using the phone. Point to each number that has to be dialed and read aloud the number, doing this daily with help reinforce numbers 1-9. Another great way to do this is to allow them to change the channels on the TV remote control, using the same concept as the phone, pointing to the numbers and then reading the number aloud. You can also do the same thing with a computer and a calculator; a calculator is a great gift to give your child to help them recognize numbers 1-9.

There are so many number games on the market, the hardest thing will be to choose which one will both teach your child number recognition while giving them a fun experience. Another great tool to use when teaching your children number recognition is to print out number worksheets. This will not only teach your children to recognize numbers, but also how to write those numbers.

Main points to address:

  • Have a number of toys or other devices; phones, remote controls, computers, etc. around the house.
  • Play games that encourage number recognition.
  • Use print outs to have your children trace the numbers.

Grades K-3rd
With the ability to recognize numbers you can introduce larger numbers to your children. The concept of reciting and recognizing numbers beyond twenty can sometimes be confusing for children, but with persistence and patience, your little darling will pick this up in no time. One way to teach this early is to use the work sheet method and print out the corresponding numbers you are introducing.

Explain the concept of the 10’s to your child. “When you see a two and zero together, write it down or show them from something that is printed, “this means twenty, three and zero is thirty, etc. “When you see these numbers it is basically that number with a TY on the end, three is thir-ty, four is for-ty, etc.”

Main points to address:

  • Use more evolved and larger numbers.
  • Explain the concept of 10’s to your child.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

Games Online and board Games

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