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Teach Your Kids How to Play Frisbee

Just like any game or sport, throwing a Frisbee takes time, dedication, and lots and lots of practice to be able to throw like a pro.

Attempt to take your preschooler through the basic concept of throwing a Frisbee. After this age group has grasped the concept of throwing they can move on to learning free style tricks.

For now find a Frisbee that is small enough for your preschooler to grasp and that is comfortable for them to hold it in their hands. Be sure the Frisbee is suitable for the weight, size and strength of your child to make the teaching process easier. It is also important to find a Frisbee that is good quality, in thickness and strength, so it won’t break the first time it hits hard pavement or concrete.

Find an area that is large enough to safely run and throw your Frisbee, and be sure there are no obstacles on the ground, such as potholes, garbage, large stumps or other objects that can trip you or your child. You should also be in an area far enough away from buildings or homes so you don’t hit the buildings!

Once you have your Frisbee and place to throw it, show them how to hold and throw it. With your hand over theirs, grip the Frisbee, bring the Frisbee back to your chest, wrapping your arm around it. Extend your arm out in front of you, being sure to snap your wrist as you release it. Continue practicing this movement adjusting the angle of your arm for a more accurate throw. Be sure to have them step into their throw with their body weight to help the Frisbee travel the length anticipated. For variations on different ways to hold and throw the Frisbee, log onto FreestyleDisc.org.

Show them how to aim the Frisbee at the person they are throwing it to. With one eye closed, use your Frisbee as your guide, and in your line of sight, position the person you are throwing it to at the top of your Frisbee..

Main points to address:
Teach the basic concepts of throwing a Frisbee.
Find a Frisbee that is small enough for your preschooler’s grip, but one that is high in quality, thickness and strength.
Find an area large enough to throw a Frisbee without buildings and other obstacles.
Practice one way of holding and throwing the Frisbee with your child.

Grades K-6th
Once you have mastered the basic concept of aiming and throwing a Frisbee for elementary school children, you can begin to teach them how to do Freestyle tricks.

Freestyle tricks:

  • Upside down throw
  • Curve throw
  • Skip Shots

Trick Catches:

  • Pancake
  • Behind the back
  • Figure Four
  • Triple Fake

You can get a detailed explanation on these tricks and how to do them by logging onto FreestyleDisc.org.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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