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Teach Your Child How to Use a Computer

In this day and age, with technology on the forefront of every gadget being used in every industry in the world, having computer knowledge is more than a skillful tool to have –  it’s a necessity. Evidence suggests that children who learn the concept of computers have profound effects on the enhancement of their educational experience. Just as many computer programs that are offered on home systems are focused on both entertaining children and teaching them, which offers a process for teaching children without the child even realizing they are learning.

Many researchers recommend that parents do not teach their children under three how to use a computer, as they are still mastering language concepts, their visual environment, and speaking skills. Therefore, this advice is for your preschooler who is three years old and older.

For comfort and ease of use make sure the mouse you use fits your child’s hand. The mouse should also have only one click, as opposed to the normal double-sided clicks.

Preschoolers learn many concepts on the computer quickly. Going through the basic steps of turning on and simple use of the computer is recommended with slow communication and systematic guidelines for powering up and using the computer. “Here is the button to turn on the computer and here is the button to turn on the monitor. EWalk them through the start button, the list of programs and putting in software for games and learning. Allow preschoolers to play computer games, either online:

Or software games you can buy for your children:

Once you have shown them the mouse and the programs, give your child a little time alone to manipulate the program and learn the game, always be at arm’s reach. When they are given the opportunity to play through a confined environment they will learn the concepts quicker then parents teaching them hand over hand. Although parents should be right there for questions and if they are getting online (see Understanding the Dangers of Online Predators) to be sure they are aware of the online environment and the sites they are permitted to browse.

Main points to address:

  • Make sure the mouse is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Speak slow and instructively, explaining every step you take.
  • Allow them time alone get to know the computer.

Grades K-6th
Children in elementary school learn how to use a computer in the same way a preschooler will learn. Yet, many researchers state that children who have a computer placed in front of them know what to do with them in the same way they know what to do with a ball that is in front of them.

Children have a tendency to pick up computers and just know how to work them, but for those who don’t running through the computer environment one time and explaining step-by-step where basic programs are and how they are used, especially word processing programs. Allowing the children to play around in the computer programs and experience how they work alone will teach children firsthand.

If you are allowing your children to use the internet to learn through research or games the following websites offer both fun and educational topics:

Children will have fun learning on the computer and the great thing about the computer is most of the time children hardly even know they are gaining educational skills.

Main points to address:

  • Walk through the computer environment once, and then allow them to experiment on their own.
  • Allow children to use online games and resources to learn and have fun.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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