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Teach Your Kids How to Bowl

Bowling is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family together. Whether your family is a newcomer to the sport or you have played on occasion, there are a number of ways for families to become active in bowling.

No matter what experience you have with bowling, here you will learn the rules, how to play the game, tips and resources where you can learn more about the game and find a bowling alley close to your home to enjoy the game with your family.

Bowling is played with 10 pins sitting at the end of a long lane; with the use of a bowling ball the objective is to knock all ten pins down in two tries.

Teach Kids How to Bowl

How the game is played:
General bowling consists of playing 10 rounds per game or what is generally called frames. Each bowler, say there is four bowlers in your group, takes a turn trying to knock down the pins. If the bowler knocks all the pins down with their first attempt this is called a strike, the round continues with the next player.

If the bowler does not knock all the pins down on the first try they are given another chance to knock them down. If they knock all the pins down on their second turn this is called a spare (you pick up all the pins you missed in the first turn).  Once all the players have taken a turn the next frame is in play until all players take their turn throughout the ten frame game. At the end of the game, on the tenth frame, if you get a strike or a spare you get an extra shot at knocking some extra pins down.

Make sure you have the right weight for your child; the smallest ball you will find will be a 6 lb. ball, so this may still be a little heavy for very young children. Their shoes should be bowling shoes, all bowling alleys provide balls and shoes for the convenience of their patrons.

Allow your preschooler to throw the ball the way they feel most comfortable, this usually entails young children throwing it from under their legs with their feet spread apart slightly. Nevertheless, do show your child how to hold and throw the ball properly.
Main points to address:

  • Allow your child to throw the ball the way they want.
  • Show your children the correct way to shoot the ball.

Grades K-6th
This is a good time to teach your children about the general rules for bowling, as indicated in the “How the game is played” section above. Bowling is a very simple and fun game to pick up and easy for children to understand.

Keeping score is probably the most difficult part about bowling, which is normally done by a computer scoreboard at most bowling alleys. For complete instructions on how scoring works review the links in the resource section at the bottom of this article. Older children may still have a hard time understanding the scoring process, but you can both go over the concept together (see * Wikipedia link below).

Main points to address:

  • Teach children the rules of the game.
  • Learn the scoring concept together.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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