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Teach Your Children to Dress Themselves

One of the first things children will begin to do when they attempt to stand on their own is to dress themselves. But, if you would like step outside with your children without floral pink and green shirts and yellow and white striped paints it’s time to teach them how to dress themselves properly. Yet, there is more than just colors when it comes to teaching your children how to dress themselves. With everything from zippers to buttons, socks to shirts and tying things up, dressing your children can be a tedious but important lesson to address with your youngster.

Although not everything is going to be as easy as 1-2-3, your children will benefit from the knowledge of how to complete the task of dressing themselves. Be sure to slowly show each step to your children and have some fun while your doing it. This will make the learning a little less frustrating for the both of you.

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Talk to your children about colors and how they coordinate together and the variety of designs that do not coordinate together. Although jeans go with almost anything floral pants don’t, nor do plaid paints. Children can usually place their shirts on them without much of a talk from their parents, just be sure to point out where the tag of the shirt should be placed.

When working with buttons, take a button up shirt and show your child how to push the buttons through the holes. Make sure to slowly push the buttons through as you are showing your younger children, as this can be a difficult task to complete at first. Snap buttons are merely about strength as opposed to knowledge, as they only thing you will have to show children is how to line up the snap. Even if children know how to line up snaps though they may not be able to snap them fully until they are a bit older.

Zippers are normally pretty easy for children to maneuver, but young children will have a tough time placing the zipper together when it is completely separated. Again slowly show them how to line up the zipper by placing the left side of the zipper into the zipper itself.

Socks can sometimes be a real frustration, so be sure to purchase socks that have light gray on the heel of the sock. This will make it so much easier for children to know exactly how their sock is suppose to be put on. So, you might ask how can you have fun with your child while you’re teaching them to dress themselves? While we’re on the subject of the sock, let one of the socks be your puppet and let the puppet talk to your children and show them how to complete the above tasks. Just make sure they’re clean. (Pee-whoa!)

Main points to address:

  • Talk to your children about color coordination.
  • Using a button up shirt, show your child how to maneuver buttons.
  • Be sure to have fun with your child, even while teaching them to dress.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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