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Teach Your Child How to Brush their Hair

Just as putting on socks and shoes, brushing one’s hair is a part of our morning routine. And if you’re a girl then it takes much longer, especially if you or your child has long hair. It can also be the hardest part of a parent’s morning to get the snarls out of hair in a young girl without hurting her. It’s just as hurtful to parents to drag a comb through snarls as it is for a young girl screaming, “ouch mommy Ethroughout their hair brushing ritual.

There are products that can help with young girl’s snarls that will make the responsibility less stressful, such as the detangling products. If your daughter has curly or frizzy hair you can use a conditioner daily to soften the hair after shampooing. This will help tremendously when it is time to brush.

The varieties of brushes out there were created specifically for various hair types and hairstyle you or your child desire to reach. To make it easier for you to understand the brushes I have included a list for you below.

  • Boar bristled brushes (sometimes mixed with nylon bristles)  EUsed to give hair shine.
  • Nylon bristled brushes  EUsed to have more control over the hair.
  • Vented Brushes  EUsed for drying the hair and to maintain natural movement of the hair.
  • Round brushes  EUsed to give the hair a natural looking wave or curl.
  • Combs  EUsed mainly to detangle the hair, larger toothed combs don’t seem to hurt as bad as smaller toothed combs.
  • Picks  EUsed to detangle hair, best to use for really frizzy or normally tangled hair, it will not break the ends of the hair.

Yet, if you find a brush that works well with your child’s hair that makes it easier for her to deal with the brushing then by all means continue to use that brush. If they have a hard time with brushes try using a pick or a large tooth comb, as this is healthier for the hair.

Preschool  E1st Grade
Gently show your children to start from the bottom of their hair, at the tips, and gently pull the brush through until all the snarls and snags have been taken out. Once there are no snarls in their hair they should move an inch at a time through the hair continuing with the same procedure, until they have reached the root of their hair. Making sure to only brush small sections at a time.

Talk to your child while you are brushing their hair, making sure they know what you are doing every step of the way. As well as making sure what you are doing is not hurting them, “that doesn’t hurt does it? Just make sure when you are brushing your hair to only brush a small section at a time.”

Main points to address:

  • Start from the tip of the hair and work your way up.
  • Talk them through each step as you are talking to them to be sure they know what you are doing every step of the way.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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