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Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes

Most schools will ask that children know how to tie their shoes before they are allowed to even start school. Although this is not true for all schools, some states and cities may not mandate that children know how to tie their shoes before they enter kindergarten; children will still need to learn how to tie their shoes some time.

Anywhere between preschool and the first grade is the best time to teach your children how to tie their shoes. We hope the below techniques will make the task of teaching your little one how to tie their shoes a little easier. Although some children learn this process a little slower than many children do, make sure they are ready and tying their shoes is not pushed onto them.

Preschool  E1st grade
Children really enjoy learning things through rhythm and rhyme or song. You can also teach your children how to tie their shoes through storytelling, such as the story of the Bunny ears or the story about the squirrel running up the tree. Either of these two stories, followed with instruction and providing the steps of tying the shoe in slow motion as you tell the story, will set children up to be able to tie their shoes alone. You can find either of these storied in both the web sites below.

You can always use these techniques with children as young as one or two, but simply telling the story or repeating the rhythm every time you put your child’s shoes on, once they get to the age where you teach them how to tie their shoes they will already know the story and will probably be able to recite it.

Main points to address:

  • Teach through rhythm and rhyme.
  • Tell your children a story while you are showing them how to tie their shoes.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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