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Teach Your Child How to Wash a Car

One of the best summertime cleaning events is the grand ole Ecar wash, every group, from the local cheerleading squad to the debate team has used the car wash tactic to raise money for their group or school. Moreover, what car doesn’t need a good wash after the winter months?

We’re here to make your car-washing chore smoother and easier for you (just have your children do it) and we’ll show you how to have fun with your child while making your car shine. You can’t really ask much more than that, right?

Preschool  E3rd grade
This is all about fun with preschoolers; allow them to have a blast in the bubbles and making those bubbles decorate your cars exterior. Although you don’t have to set out on a teaching extravaganza with children this young, you can have fun while incorporating basic car washing care with your little one.

Purchase fun sponges or sponge gloves for your preschooler; this will make the task more fun and interesting for your little one. First, show them how you like your car washed, although you can only wax in a circular motion you can wash up, down and/or a circular motion. Now to the fun of rinsing, yes go ahead and spray the kid down too but, if you do be prepared to get the hose on you when it’s their turn to rinse the car.

Main points to address:

  • This is just one of those times to just have fun.
  • Offer basic car-washing care techniques.

Grades 4th -6th
Once your children get older and can handle the tough aspect of waxing a car you can introduce the process of waxing the car for that perfect shine. Waxing can be a tedious job; the car must be clean and should not be in direct sunlight. You and your child should go over the guide of waxing your car, found in the resource section of this article; to be sure you both have a good understanding of the proper way to wax.

The inside of the car is a lot tougher to complete and may not be as fun as the outside washing would be yet, it still must be done. Go over with your children step-by-step how to conduct a thorough cleaning of the inside of the car, clearing everything out including the car mats and making sure all the windows are spot cleaned with window cleaner and a soft cloth.

This can be a great bonding experience for both you and your child and is a simple and fun task. Once you are done washing your car with your child, take a cruise around your neighborhood or go out for ice cream to give both of you a treat, just make sure to not eat it in your newly cleaned ride.

Main points to address:

  • Introduce “wax on, wax off Ewith your child.
  • Teach them how to properly clean the inside of the car.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

Waxing your car

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