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Teach Your Child How to Play Golf

Golf has exploded in popularity since Tiger Woods stepped onto the greens. Young participants are ready to learn the game and enjoy this relaxing sport.  It is the perfect opportunity for a father and son to exercise and practice their skills, allowing father and son bonding to grow. A quiet, natural outdoor setting is the perfect combination for an eighteen hole course for enhancing your ability to enjoy quality time on the greens together.

There are several benefits to golfing. When participating in the sport, your heart receives a healthy workout walking throughout the course, although golf carts are available if walking is not appropriate for you or your child. This is also a perfect opportunity to speak to your child about the benefits of a healthy heart and nutritious eating habits. Another fantastic reward is the sharpening of your child’s hand and eye coordination when swinging at the golf ball, as well as strengthening your child’s upper and lower body.

Start young children out with a toddler play set. Practice this fun little game at home with your children. Have fun with it. Young children learn well by imitating adults, therefore providing the first few swings on the little golf set will be a good first step.

Take young children to putt-putt courses. The clubs are small enough for the younger players to feel comfortable with hitting and can be a great way for you to teach your child the fundamentals of putting. Putt-putt offers twelve fun and crazy courses that focus on the putting, rather than on the long stroke. This is really where young children should start to learn.

Main points to address:

  • Teach them the basic swing.
  • Take your child to putt-putt courses.

Grades K-6th
Older children will benefit from learning both the putting game, as talked about in the preschool section, and the long shots. Take children in this age group to a driving range as well as the putt-putt courses so they may also work on their putting skills. Driving ranges will encourage older children to hit the mark of a regular golf hole. They are normally set up with 150 yards, 200, 300, and 400 yards. So golfers can better estimate how far they can drive and make adjustments to their swing.

Be sure they have an appropriate sized golf club to use for driving. Children should hold their clubs with both hands touching each other on the grip of the club; this will give them better maneuverability when swinging the club. Children should be shown the proper way to swing when driving as well. Children in this age group take instructions relatively well and when shown how to swing will normally pick this up very well.

Main points to address:

  • Teach them the proper way to swing.
  • Take them to driving ranges to work on their drive.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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