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Teach Your Child How to Clean His Room

All parents have a dream; their children will keep their room neat and tidy. But not all parents are fortunate enough to have this dream a reality. If this sounds like you, you are not alone in this never-ending battle of cleanliness. Never fear, there are a number of creative tactics parents can use to make sure the clothes stay folded in the dressers, the dirty clothes find their way to the hampers and those toys stay in the designated areas.

Even chores can turn into a fun game, without those little tots even knowing they are actually picking up their rooms (I won’t tell if you don’t), and no youngster in his or her right mind would turn down the opportunity to play a game with one of their parents. You can play basketball with the dirty clothes and laundry hamper, play a game of race the clock to see how fast we are at picking up our toys, or see who can pick up the most toys in a limited amount of time.

Main points to address:

  • Place shelves and other toy compartments close enough for the child to reach.
  • Keep various, small, compartments for each type of toy (bookshelf for the books, small crate for the cars, a different small crate for the Lego’s, etc.). That way you can teach the child after playing with this type of toy to place the items back in the crate.
  • Talk your preschooler through everything, “We’re done reading this book let’s put it back on the shelf Emaking sure to be consistent with each chore.
  • Make cleaning fun and exciting.

Grades K-3rd
There’s nothing like a little challenge for young elementary school students. Give them the option of seeing which of you can clean faster, them while cleaning their room, or you while cleaning the kitchen. The race is one between mom and the child. Although you want to be sure to point out that going way to fast can be harmful in a room and they need to be extra careful while they are rushing about.

Kids also enjoy getting a little something for their effort. Experts say there is nothing wrong with offering your child a simple reward after such a chore. Therefore you can give them the opportunity to clean their room in thirty minutes and then you can offer to take them out to the park or to the ice cream store for a treat. The choice is up to you, but a small reward once in a while will not hinder the cleaning process. (If you give your child a treat after every time they clean their room they will begin to expect the treat, so keep this routine fairly uncommon.)

Main points to address:

  • Offer a treat every once in a while if they have the task completed in a certain time limit.
  • Be consistent with their room cleaning chores.
  • Make a game out of cleaning (who can clean the fastest, mom in the kitchen or child in the bedroom.)

Grades 4th-6th
Children who are among the older generation of children in elementary school understand the concept of responsibility and the hard work it takes to keep chores up, at least most of them do. Cleaning their room can be completed as part of their chores they do to receive an allowance.

Be sure to keep bins and other storage devices for your youngster in a specific space, this will make it easier for their room-cleaning venture.

Main points to address:

  • Provide them with a weekly allowance for their chores, including their room.
  • Have assessable enough storage bins for individual toy sets, a small box for hot wheels, a different bin for crayons, etc.
  • Label the boxes, unless you use clear crates, for easy access.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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